Thursday, June 16, 2011

Intermittent Fungus

Fungus Monkus adores loving on Julien and absolutely loves pestering him to the point where he will pester her back, resulting in Julien chasing after her, while she screams with delight.
On the other hand, nothing gets them both in trouble faster than running through the house...and screaming...

But on this day, she found Julien,
gave him a hug,
scooted up next to him and she began to shove him until he finally just gave up and moved out of her way,
so that she could make herself comfortable.
That's when I knew that something just wasn't right.
We never have peace and quiet in our house.
Never knowing what it is that is causing Chunky Monkey grief, I called and made a doctors appointment.
After a long, quiet weekend, Chunk was feeling better and I was able to cancel her appointment.

It must have just been the intermittent fungus, which just so happens to be first cousins with the fever virus.
You know, the diagnoses for otherwise undiagnosable funk.


jennohara said...

I love how Julien just lets her have her way. Too sweet.
Those pictures of her are adorable! Even though she wasn't feeling 100%.