Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So Sorry It Took Me So Long...

We get so caught up in focusing on the "important" lessons for Chunk-Chunk, that sometimes we forget about the simple, everyday lessons.
I think it has been about two years now that Chunk has been helping to throw things into the trash can. 
Each time, I either open the trash can for her or she lifts the lid with her hand.
For the past two years, it has been the same routine.
This past weekend when Chunk threw a paper towel into the trash and went to walk away,  I picked her up and walked back over to the trash. 
I told her, "Mommy is so sorry that I haven't taught you how to open the trash".
I really was.
For the next few minutes, we worked diligently on a skill that so many people take for granted
It took Addie a while to understand that the top would open if she pressed with her foot on the bottom.  
It may have taken a little while, but she finally understood
wanted to work extra hard to make it happen all by herself.   

I just don't realize how disgusting the trash can looks until the lovely streaks show up in a picture.
Whoever created stainless steel appliances and kitchen accessories should come to my house just to witness the error of their ways.