Sunday, September 27, 2009

What a great little helper!

It's the little things that make Addie happy, like us buying her a broom and dust pan...
(Men, don't try this at home with your wives!)
She felt like such a big girl and spent almost an entire hour "sweeping" the kitchen floor!
Yes, I should have actually changed out the liner before taking pictures, but didn't feel like interrupting Addie....besides, it's not like there's food or yucky trash in there.

Asking for a little bit of help getting that silly lid to stay up!


After I went to my happy place, I removed my child's sweet little arm from the trash can and commenced with the washing process!


jennohara said...

Adorable pictures! What a big girl she is! I love her outfit too :)
So happy to see her up and getting around! Good for you Addie!

Kim said...

Such a BIG girl!! Love her outfit!! Can't wait to see you guys soon!!