Saturday, September 05, 2009

That's fine...

Since Addie's Daddy wouldn't let her in...

She decided she would let herself, out!

When we got home from work the other day, I told Addie that we would go outside for a walk after she went potty (hence the short-less child in these pictures - AND do you notice the pull up?).

Well, she did go potty and while I was washing my hands, she decided she would help out by opening the door for us!

I was watching her the whole time, as was Chris and Julien and we had no desire to stop her.

We had to see what she was going to do!

Good grief, we are just thrilled!!!...and so is the company where we are ordering the guards for the door handles.


(as in a perfectly, beautiful sigh of a wonderful life!)

Addie-pa-tattie new the first thing she had to do was use the big girl potty.
She is doing a great job!!!