Tuesday, September 22, 2009

As if!

I should have known Addie wouldn't catch a break!
She went from running a fever and just miserable to feeling better for a half day before a sinus infection hit.
We had a nice visit with Dr. Davis and his fabulous office staff this a.m.!
I just adore and appreciate them all!
Addie showed off her walking skills for the nurse and was polite and said her "Hi's" and "Bye's" to everyone.
We are blessed to have an ENT and nurses who geniunely care about Addie and take time out of their day to talk to us - like people - instead of just another patient coming through the door.
I am ever so appreciative to the inventor of Omnicef and to Walgreen's for their ability to fill a Rx while we waited ever so impatiently with Addie screaming the entire time.
Not to worry, the screaming didn't actually subside until I was getting her out of the car to take her back into school.
A kiss, a dose of antibiotic, lots of "I love you's" and back out the door to work we went.
After a long afternoon, we walked into school to see a smiling, happy little Monkey.
Our GOD is with us and I pray for HIS continued daily intervention.