Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It was painful

but Chris managed to make it through the Alabama game unscathed.
The afternoon started off with his heart pounding and brow sweating when he turned to back out of the garage and saw his sweet, baby girl dressed in crimson and white (yes, I waited until the very last minute to dress her and then put her in her car seat before he saw what she was wearing).
He proceeded to ask me what I can only assume was a very rhetorical question, "is she wearing an Alabama dress?".
The afternoon and evening was phenomenal and he was a great sport throughout...but there was a heart stopping moment when you could have heard a pin drop and I thought my husband was going to faint.
We were all sitting around chatting and watching the game and the best I can determine, the game broke for a commercial.
In the split second of silence, the room was filled with the words:
and at that moment everyone in the room turned to find my baby girl standing in the middle of the room, arms stretched above her head and a beautiful grin on her face.
I don't know who broke the silence to start cheering and I don't know who it was that encouraged Addie to say it again and what do you know...
That little Monkey says "ROLL TIDE" whenever you ask her to
when the mood strikes her just right.
Even her Daddy couldn't help but grin at our little Monkey for those words...words that were never supposed to be spoken by our little Miracle Monkey...


Anonymous said...

That's right baby girl, ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!! Carie :-))))))

Anonymous said...

Miracle Monkey you are; but you know what would be really miraculous? If Miracle Monkey uttered the words "War Eagle". Maybe we can all work on that; for her daddy of course and not all of us Auburn fans! :)

WicketsMom said...

She's a smart little monkey too. Roll Tide!

Heather said...

Awesome!! Roll Tide, Addie!!!

Ashley said...

Way to go Addie!!! Roll Tide!!!!

Thank you for the comment Jenn :)

Julie said...

How precious!

GREG said...

Maybe you can show your dad back from the ways of his errors. ROLL TIDE ADDIE.

jennohara said...

Wonderful! Keep it up little miracle baby!!