Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Memo: Reproduction of the Human Species 2009 - Your Country Needs You!

A memo obviously went out earlier this year informing all women that 2009 was the year that would determine the fate of the human species and our country needed mass reproduction!

This was simply a "delayed to recipients" memo that initially went out in 2006, because 2006 was the year in which the public water works spiked the drinking water with reproductive hormones and whole litters of children were born. I was personally proud to wrap up 2006 with a patriotic contribution of my own.
As we are approaching the end of 2009, it would appear that practically every woman of reproductive age that I know of is just about to give birth and so I have been bombarded with more baby shower cake than my body knows what to do with.
For example:
My fabulous friend Dewana and I decided that our beautiful friend Patti was in need of a baby shower. Just so happens that around here, any event hosted between September and oh, let's say, Super Bowl weekend, should be planned around football or at the very least, planned in accordance with football.
So, in observance of those rules,
we had THE BEST BABY SHOWER ever for Patti.
It was a Roll Tide Baby Shower, equipped with baby shower/football food, the best baby bites you will ever dare to consume, presents, Alabama football attire, the best friends you could ever ask for and three, beautiful, amazing children to keep the entertainment going!
I know I have said it before, but I'm honored to have the friends that I have and the time that we spent celebrating the approaching arrival of Bergen's little brother was time that I will cherish forever.