Monday, September 07, 2009

So very proud!!!

A long while back, we bought Addie a pair of Squeaky Street Shoes.
When we put them on her to go out this past weekend, we realized that she had managed to outgrow them.
Not a big deal, we are accustomed to having to buy tons of shoes for Addie.
What did bother us was that this was the first time Addie wanted to wear her squeaky shoes since she started walking!
To make a long story short, we went all over town trying to find her the perfect pair of Squeaky Street Shoes and hit pay dirt at Little Soles in Cahaba Heights!
Addie was in absolute shoe heaven and is so very proud of her new shoes!
It doesn't take much to make her happy and if we have to listen to squeaky little shoes all over our house to make Addie happy, by golly, we'll do it!
We are all so proud of how well Addie is walking and if it takes ten more pairs of squeaky shoes to show her how proud we are, then we'll have squeaky shoes of all colors!
We'll do what must be done!


Jovina and Bill said...

Hey Jenn! I have waited so long to comment here, but I have been following your blog for a very long time. As a first time mommy, I always look forward to seeing addie grow, and act as a "normal child". She is beautiful! You have an amazing family and I look forward to keeping up with you all. GO Addie Go!!! Love your new shoes!

Nicole said...

A girl can NEVER have too many shoes! :)