Saturday, September 05, 2009

On cloud nine!

Julien is away this weekend and we all miss him terribly!
Whenever Julien is away, Addie is just pitiful.
She will go into his room looking for him and I can't count the number of times she will crawl over to the refrigerator where I have several picture magnets of him and point to if she is asking me where he is.
When Addie woke up this morning, she was really drowsy. I think it is the dreariness of the day, not that I'm complaining a bit about 80 degree weather in September!
If feels great not to sweat as soon as I walk outside!
I was holding Addie as we went to the refrigerator to get her some milk.
I was trying to retrieve the milk from the fridge and she was trying to shut the door.
I figured out quickly that she was wanting to see the pictures of Julien, so I closed the door, she pointed at the picture of Julien
HOLY COW, was I excited!!!
I think I squealed so high that only the killer dog across the street actually heard me!
The actual pronunciation is something like, "J-N", but WHO CARES?!!?
She is saying the one word that we were all waiting for to come!!!!
Julien is absolutely on cloud nine!


jennohara said...

Hurray!!!! What a great feeling that must have been!