Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Who would have guessed?

Last week when Monkey and Julien were so sick, they did a fabulous job of keeping each other company after Julien was released from quarantine.
At one point - can't remember when, the days were all one big blur after another - I was trying to clean up the kitchen, so Julien very willingly agreed to take Monkey for a few minutes.
Off to the office they went as I began to hear bits and pieces of "their" musings when all of a sudden, there was nothing.
No sound - just peace and quiet.
I immediately dropped what I was doing and when I walked into the office, this is what I found:
One very sick little Monkey being cuddled by her low-grade fever harboring brother as he was making her:

a PowerPoint Presentation of all of her favorite things.


Man oh man, do I love them!


Anonymous said...

How precious! It is so sweet how he loves her! Carie :-)