Monday, September 28, 2009

After she swept, she had to vacuum...

My sister bought this vacuum for Addie for her first birthday.

The vacuum lived in Addie's closet until a few months back because Addie was petrified of it!
(If our vacuum had eyes, teeth and talked to me, I'd be a little freaked out too)

I finally took the vacuum out of Addie's closet and put it downstairs in the office knowing that Addie would one day be brave enough to touch it.

I was right, it only took her almost two years, but now she adores her vacuum!

She's working on gaining enough balance to vacuum the floor without holding onto something. She's getting it, it will just take a bit.

She is so smart and once she figures something out, she goes at it full force!

See!!! Giving it a try...

well...maybe not just yet!

These pictures were taken last weekend when Addie's sinus infection was making it impossible for her breathe!