Sunday, June 29, 2008

Undecided and no clear answer in sight.

Our complete resolution has yet to present itself in our fight for Addie. I am very irritated that I cannot give complete details, because I know everyone would be as appalled and upset as Chris and I have been. We are still trying to determine the best daycare setting for Addie. At this point, if I could, I would quit work and make everything all better for Addie. We are dealing with a double-edged sword. We were offered an opening at another daycare, but after the new daycare learned more about Addie they made some suggestions for her care that were asinine and would ultimately result in hindering her development. Chris and I consulted with a liaison, which in turn consulted with legal, a few meetings including one with Addie's therapists and a week and a half later, we still feel sick over the situation. Although, I think everything would work out, I don't feel we are warmly welcomed at the new center. If we walk away, I in essence have given up my fight for Addie and I can't do that. I think it is time for Addie to transition to another daycare environment, but we still have a few days left before we have to make the final decision. Now I know why there are so many special needs families that survive on one income, one parent is forced to stay at home to keep their child safe from ignorance and discrimination. I knew this battle would come before me, but I had no idea it would be when Addie was only seventeen-months old. I know everything happens for a reason and God has HIS plan. I'm trying my best to see the path we are to take, but my heart is so heavy.


The Simonetti's said...

I know of a great center for daycare that I currently use for my two year old and we are very pleased with it. It might be worth just checking into to get more information for Addie. It is First United Methodist Church-Child Development Center at 251-6059. It is in downtown Birmingham. Hope this helps!