Saturday, June 14, 2008

Solving the puzzle

My scanner is in one of the many boxes on the floor next to me marked "office", but I'm just too tired to dig through and find it. I have pictures to go along with the story...

When I arrived at daycare on Tuesday to pick Addie up, I was met by the center director who told me to "prepare myself"; they had pictures ready for me. Addie - my sweet miracle baby - met another milestone, she put a two piece puzzle together all by herself! Her teacher was able to get a picture of her doing it and the center director printed copies for me so I would have them when I arrived. We have been working diligently at home on learning to put things "in". We practice putting toys in bowls, boxes and cabinets, my make up brushes in the holder, books in the containers, etc... so for her to figure out the puzzle was just amazing to us all! I am so thankful that Addie's caregivers love her enough to take the time to capture milestones that I'm not there to witness firsthand! It means so much to me! Addie is just amazing and continues to grow and develop because of our incessant prayers!