Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Mean ants!

Today was Addie's first time having water play at school. Addie's teacher reassured me that she wouldn't allow her to just sit or crawl in the grass and would hold her and help her to enjoy water play. She was also concerned about the bugs... she had good reason to worry. Her teacher said that she was sitting in the grass holding Addie when she realized that they both had ants on their left legs! By the time she was able to get the ants off, Addie was bitten seven times! They immediately called me to let me know, but Addie wasn't showing any signs of an allergic reaction and wasn't even crying. The center had their pest control company come out right away and spray, but it is a million degrees outside and the red dirt of Alabama just makes a nice cozy home for these little pests! It could have happened anywhere.
Addie wasn't showing any signs of discomfort tonight and is resting well. Hopefully, the bites will go away quickly and this won't happen again. I really hate bugs!