Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Check out Addie's hair! She thinks the air vents are the neatest things and loves to sit by them and put her head over. I took these first pictures while Julien, Addie and I were waiting on the movers to arrive. Addie had an incredibly hard time the two and a half weeks we were "homeless" and on the way to the house that morning, she cried the entire time. As we turned into the neighborhood, I told Addie that we were almost home and I promise, she started to settle down. After all the moving and disruption, I wasn't sure how she was going to react by being in another new place. As soon as I put her down, she crawled over to the windows and just sat and played. She was as happy as could be and didn't fuss at all! She knew we were HOME!

At nap time and lunchtime, we had to improvise, but still I didn't hear anybody complain! It just felt great to be at home!