Saturday, June 28, 2008

Never a dull moment...

I'll give the abridged version of this story:
As all of you know who live around this area, quite the little summer storm came through Wednesday evening.
Chris, Julien, Addie and I were at the local Mexican restaurant having dinner when the storm hit.
The lightening was extremely close and of course, we're making jokes about how knowing our luck, it probably hit our house.
Well...when we got home, we were without power.
We didn't think too much about it and went about our routine.
I took Addie upstairs to change clothes.
I sat her on the floor of my bedroom and went into the closet, a second later Chris came in and noticed that a spider was making his way over to Addie...(chills)...before Chris could smash him to smithereens, he ran underneath our bed.
To sum it up, the eight-legged pest was sucked up into the cordless Dyson and flushed down to spend eternity with the sewer alligators, thankfully enabling me a more restful night sleep.
Hour after hour passed and still no lights.
As we are out talking to our neighbors, we realized that there are only four houses without power, because apparently the transformer that was hit during the storm was OUR transformer. We also learned that our neighbors just found a snake skin that was three feet long in their garage...holy cow, I think I'm going to pour concrete over a three mile radius around this house...(more chills).
Needless to say, Alabama Power didn't replace the transformer until 2:15 Thursday morning and a little while later, I realized that the computer wasn't working and immediately knew why. It took three computer geeks (sorry guys) to get our computer back up and running, but finally all systems are a go!
During the repair, Addie got sick all over her clothes, so I put her down next to Uncle Howard so I could clean up.
When I came back in, Miss Nosey Britches was right in the middle of the action.
I wouldn't expect anything less from her!
Oh, did I mention that our other neighbor informed us that scorpions are a frequent visitor at their house?
How about a bubble like on the Simpson's Movie...just around this house!
Spiders, scorpions and snakes, oh my!