Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Curve ball

No pictures yet... We have been slammed these last few days and getting my office set back up has been very low on our priority list. I am going to beg Chris to get everything set up for me either tonight or tomorrow. I have the cutest picture of Addie from Saturday!

Everything went fine with the move itself, but yesterday I managed to acquire pink eye - in both eyes (Jamie, this is pay back for my smarty pants comment to you)! Julien is very, very sick, so we are at home today trying to make a little progress on the house. I swear, just when I think things are moving right along, that curve ball comes flying and just puts a halt to it all!

I will say that we have the nicest neighbors! We have had so many well wishers stop by and welcome us to the neighborhood AND bring lots of goodies! We have eaten out every night for almost three weeks and then with the onslaught of goodies, I'm going to need a personal trainer to recover!

Addie hasn't cried a bit since we moved in on Saturday. She is so completely content and knows we're home.

We LOVE our new house!!!