Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Through unbiased eyes

As Addie's mother, when I look at her, I see perfection. I see a beautiful, smart baby girl who is learning and growing everyday! Sometimes it is difficult for me to see her obvious disabilities. I have the same routine every morning when I leave Addie at school. I take her in, give her lots of kisses, get her settled at the table for breakfast and as I'm walking out, I will stop at the door and turn to blow her a kiss. She always smiles and is learning to blow kisses too! Today, I couldn't help myself and needed one more glance after my initial goodbye. As I turned to look back at her one more time, I saw what others see each time they look at her. I saw her differences and my heart just fell. I can't imagine what others think when they look at her and I don't care. I saw what an unbiased pair of eyes sees. How easy it is for me to look past the obvious and to see this angel that God created. As I left the center, I let those images leave my mind.
I pray that God lets people see past the obvious and allows them to see Addie through my biased eyes...it's a beautiful view!


Jeremy & Kim said...

I think you would be very surprised to know how many see Addie just as you; a beautiful little girl with an unforgettable smile!!

I hope you all are doing well. Your new house is awesome, I love the back yard!! Also glad to hear Julien is doing better!

Aunt Nonna (Rhonda) said...

I see a beautiful, amazing little girl with a unforgettable smile that lights up any room. I agree with Kim 100%.

Those of us who know her and love her look past her disabilities & look forward to all the accomplishments yet to come.

Aunt Nonna

Aunt Cissy said...

I have many old friends who keep up with Addie through this blog and some new ones too. They see nothing except those beautiful eyes and smile. They see her for the camera piglet she is; much like I do. Addie is a totally amazing child who brings warmth and smiles to anyone that sees her.

Gabi and I love her very much,

Nicole said...

Addie is a child who just draws people to her with those gorgeous blue eyes and that beautiful smile. She's precious!

Anonymous said...

I'm so thankful that you are Addie's mother and that I get to see a little bit of heaven on earth each time I see her and your family.

Susan W.

*Staci* said...

Addie is truly one of the most beautiful little angels I've ever seen. Her pictures are beautiful, but she is even more breath-taking in person. I hope all is well. Congrats on the new house.

PS - Whenever you feel the urge, bring her by to see us here at Children's. We'd love to see that gorgeous smile again... :)