Monday, October 08, 2012

Mysterious Little Creature

No matter how much the Little Monkey tries to tell us things, sometimes it all remains a mystery.

Today, I got word that the Little Monkey pointed to her tummy and said, "Hurt" and then she pointed to her head and said, "Hurt".

We have been trying for five years to get her to tell us when she is in pain!

All evening, Addie pointed to her head and said, "Hurt".
She then followed that up with, "Doctor".

She must have said it a thousand times.

I gave her some Motrin, checked her temperature and reassured her that she was "OK" although she would respond by saying, "Hurt, Doctor, Sleepy".

I finally asked her, "What other symptoms do you have?" and she responded, "One, two, three, four, five!".

Sigh...maybe the Little Monkey just had a headache and hopefully the pain reliever helped.

I do know that we are not hypochondriac's who run to the doctor every time we have an ache or pain...or are in need of stitches, so if her request to see a doctor continues, I may just have to go ahead and pay a visit to our ENT to rule out any ear/sinus problems.

Poor Little Monkey.


jennohara said...

Oh no...give her a big hug for me for being such a big girl.
What a difference it will make though since she can tell you now!