Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Baby B!

We were honored to attend Baby B's 3rd Birthday Party!

Patti - The Perfect Party Planner - held B's party at A Play Place in Trussville.
It was a wonderful party and Addie had the best time!
It was very low stress for us because most everything that Addie was interested in was just her size (mostly)!

Addie still required assistance going up the slide, although it was a mini version of the big jumbo slides, it was still a challenge for Chunky Monkey.

Thankfully, Chris went to the party prepared.

The very first time Addie went down the slide, she didn't hesitate for even a second - I LOVE this picture!

She immediately wanted to go again!

I love that once Addie got to the top, she could do the rest all by herself!


and over again.

The Little Monkey enjoyed playing with Bergen and friends!

Over the last five years, I think I have counted about 21,791 pictures of me hunched over helping Addie with one thing or another.
My photographer has got to stop it...on a positive note, at least he's not taking the photos from the back....

Addie loved this - I mean really loved it! 
She was able to help me push the car back up to the top each time and then I had to help her climb on and prop her feet up, but then she was all ready to go!
She had a blast!

Baby B - such a cutie!

The Little Monkey kept a close watch on the activities...that cake wasn't getting out of her sight!

Before the party was over, the Little Monkey tried the slide again.
This time, she was even braver!

We had a wonderful time!
We can't wait to see you all again soon!
October 6, 2012


jennohara said...

Ah, I love the first picture too!! You guys are so blessed to have such wonderful friends! Looks like Addie had a great time!