Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Parenting Day at School!

Today, Chris and I attended Parenting Day at Addie's school.
The "Parenting Day Meeting" at Julien's school was conveniently held at the exact same time, so Julien was more than happy to streamline our morning by "allowing" us to visit with Addie instead of the Media Center at his school.

I'm sure he wasn't heartbroken over it.

We had a really nice visit and thoroughly enjoyed watching Addie and her classmates follow their morning routine!
They are such a great and sweet class!

One of Addie's special education instruction times fell during our visit, so we were able to see Addie in her Kindergarten Classroom and her Special Education Classroom.

This week, Addie is learning about the letter "R" (as in Rabbit and Rat).
She had just identified the little Rabbit in the lesson they were working on, and then Mrs. Allison showed her the next animal.
She called it a Rabbit as well.
In redirection, Addie did a fantastic job of imitating Mrs. Allison and saying the correct name - "Rat".
Addie does a great job speaking in imitation and her words were so clear today!

Addie was just as tickled as could be that we were there observing.

Listen to my sweet girl!!!

Paying close attention to Mrs. Allison!

Addie built Mat Man - she was so proud!

Addie showing Mrs. Allison where her head is....

and where her eyes are....

and loving the praise for her accomplishments!

We were so glad to be a part of today.
Addie is surrounded by amazing teachers, aides, school staff, students and parents.
We are truly so very blessed!