Monday, October 29, 2012

Shadow Lake Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch visit number two took place on an absolutely beautiful Alabama day!

Addie was so very nervous when we arrived, but was momentarily subdued on the little "train" ride.  
Although a little uneasy, she seemed to somewhat enjoy the ride until it came to an end.
After I wiped away the massive stream of tears, pity was taken upon her and she was able to stay on for one more turn.

Rotten Little Monkey.

We brought along my niece and my mom.
My mom came along as purely a spectator, while my niece took part in all the activities!
...and it was such a nice treat to have my mom there!...

After the "train" ride, we took a break for lunch, which really seemed to lighten the Monkey's mood.
The hay ride produced zero tears and a lot of smiles!

Baby also came along for each activity.
The Little Monkey is a very good Mommy!

 October 20, 2012