Sunday, October 21, 2012

Who Knew...

That Monkey's were territorial over resting quarters!
Last week, Chris was out of town for four days.
While he managed to miss a few happenings in our little lives, he had a great time, and also managed to create confusion for our Little Primate.

I would like to think that I am somewhat accustomed to a lack of sleep, and when I do get sleep, it seems to make me feel just miserable.

While Chris was away, I allowed the Little Monkey to sleep with me.
She slept through the night each and every night, which completely put my body and mind in a state of complete confusion.
I am still trying to recover.

Monkey was happy and content to take over her Daddy's side of the bed and now that he has returned, Monkey is restless and waking throughout the night.

If the Little Primate knew how to book a flight, my husband would already be back flying high above the clouds
all in an effort
for Monkey 
to reclaim her sleeping quarters.