Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Addie and Baby at the Park

Addie loves the park! 
She loves the swings, the slides, and most of all - people watching!

This particular park is pretty "Addie friendly", with several different options for her to enjoy.
Her first choice of the day was the car with the steering wheel that has such a high-pitched squeak that I'm pretty sure it sets off alarms at the Pentagon.

Addie was thrilled to see a little boy sitting in the car, because she just adores playing with other children.

Addie wasn't the least bit hesitant about sliding Baby right on over onto the seat and then proceeding to find her spot right next to Baby.
Apparently, that was just too many girl cooties and the child quickly exited the vehicle!
I can't say that I blamed him.

I just love her shy little smile! 

September 9, 2012