Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Football 2012 - Game Five

Game Five of the regular season was by far one of the best games in Julien's football history (the ending anyway).
We played Millbrook and they did a nice job of keeping the game interesting.

My Mom came to the game!!!!!!...as well as my sister and nieces.
So, although I had a few extra hands on deck, I still didn't get any good pictures.
The Little Monkey keeps me very busy.

During the second quarter, one of Millbrook's players received an injury that required transport to Children's Hospital (thankfully, the child is fine) and the delay in the game seemed to throw our team off track.
Millbrook managed to get ahead of us with a lead of  22-7.

By that time, Addie was beyond exhausted, my family had left and I was doing all I could just to keep Addie from hitting total meltdown.
With two minutes left in the game, Addie started telling me that she had to go to the potty.

I got her and started walking towards the restrooms when I noticed that our team had the ball and was heading straight to the end zone.
I managed to see the touchdown...and while we were in the restroom, I heard the crowd go wild as we scored the two point conversion.

We intercepted the onside kick (if my memory serves me right) and managed to score another touchdown and two point conversion with only seconds left in the game.

It was awesome and our team did a fabulous job!
Game Five - Win Five.

September 27, 2012