Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Addie and Baby at the Park...continued.

I was really proud of Addie during this trip. 

Chris and I take turns with one of us taking Addie up to the top of the slide and helping her, while the other stays at the bottom of the slide. 
I typically am the one who takes her back up each time and the route up to this slide was a bit of a hike. 
Chris would wait for her at the bottom of the slide and walk her to the entrance of the ramp as I was walking back down to meet her. 
By the time she made it to the entrance to the ramp, I would still be a few steps away from her and after the second or third time, she was confident enough on where she was that she started trying to walk/run up the ramp. 

 I stayed a step behind her, letting her maneuver her way around and with the exception of a few times, she remembered the turns to take to get her back up to the big slide. 

 I swear, I think she went down the slide at least 50 times. 

 She never did realize that there were two impressive drop offs right next to the slide.
I had to grab her to keep her from stepping to the edge. 
 Other than giving me minor panic attacks, Addie did a great job!  

She would get to the slide, throw Baby down, make sure Baby was on her way to the bottom and then she would have her turn.

The sight of this, sent one man into a panic...and I felt really, really bad for him.
Addie - in all of her grace - just kind of threw Baby down onto the slide, causing Baby to slide down rather quickly and one poor guy thought a Baby had fallen!
It was pitiful!

Time and again, Addie and Baby went down the slide!

When Addie started really slowing down, I knew it was time to go.
Thank the heavens above that the music truck just so happened to turn into the park at that moment and thank goodness the music truck just so happened to have ice cream on board!
We let Addie choose which treat she wanted and our exit from the park was quiet and peaceful.

It was a beautiful day!

September 9, 2012