Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Facing Pumpkin Patch Fears

Addie was uneasy as we approached each new activity.
It certainly didn't help that the activity below involved approaching an extremely creepy clown in order to get a lady bug balloon.

My niece offered words of encouragement

and despite Addie's worry, she stood her ground until IT
handed over the balloon.

We moved on to the games and we were quite impressed with Addie's pitching arm 

and her ability to problem solve.

My Mother called it "Cheating".
I would like to think of it as "Rule Modification".

Getting her face painted was one of the most  anxiety ridden activities of the day.
After an hour or two, Addie finally built up the nerve to get her face painted, but only if Gabi would hold her.

After Addie had her turn, she watched - from a distance - while Gabi had her turn.
Addie still wasn't convinced it wasn't all a trick.

When the Little Monkey spotted the inflatables, she was thrilled!
Thank Goodness, Gabi came along with us!
Had it not been for her, Addie wouldn't have been able to enjoy the inflatables.
Since Addie still can't climb up to the slides and there were crazy children running amuck, they resorted to the slide workaround method.

It worked out fabulously!

After 372 turns through the inflatable,

the girls were content to call it a day.

Thank you Gabi for making this fun afternoon possible - we couldn't have done it without you!
October 20, 2012


Aunt Cissy said...

Gab loves Addie. She looks forward to hanging out with y'all.