Thursday, February 25, 2010

Slow news week with a whole lot of mucus

It is just one of those weeks where we barely get home before we're going to bed to get up to do it all over again.
I have a small/big news update about Addie.
The update is big to us, but small in comparison to our other milestones.
Chunky Monkey is suffering from yet another sinus infection.
For the last six months or so, I have made a point of handing Monkey a tissue and telling her to wipe her nose.
I always do it knowing full well she would wipe it across her mouth or cheek and the tissue would fall to the floor without doing anything other than making a mess.
Yet, I didn't give up.
We worked on it and Monkey's teachers at daycare worked on it...until yesterday at daycare, Addie walked over to the tissues, grabbed one and proceeded to wipe her little nose.
She then proceeded to throw the dirty tissue into the trash.
We think this milestone is quite a big step for our Baby Girl.
Many may take this simple task for granted, but for our Baby, she has worked so hard at trying to understand what it means to wipe her nose and to have the coordination to wipe her nose.
We really are just thrilled and of course we think it is just the cutest thing ever.
Not to mention, that our little Monkey is very proud of herself!
Monkey sat down in her big girl chair at school all by herself today!
Nobody had to help her and Chris and I were standing there watching her as she did it!
Now, that is yet another huge milestone for us!!!
In fact, it has been four months since we made this task a priority and we think she finally has it.
We are just so proud of Addie!
Of course, we wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for your unwavering prayers and support.
Please rejoice with me in yet another milestone met!


Donna said...

That's the coolest update ever!!! There are LOTS of three year olds that if they do wipe their noses appropriately, won't make it to the trash can with the tissue!! I'm so proud of her.

Cecilia (Aunt Cissy) said...

That is great chunkus. I am very proud of her.

csmith said...

Yeah Addie! You go Baby Girl! Carie :-)

jennohara said...

Wow!! Wonderful update!
Way to go Addie Girl!!
Keep up the amazing work!

Ashley said...

Way to go Addie, these are great accomplishments!!!!