Monday, February 08, 2010

Check out our Bergen!

Our sweet Bergen was on Fox 6 the other night!

We are so very, very proud of Bergen!
Look at her go!
Each and every one of these sweet children work so very hard each and every day to accomplish tasks that we tend to take for granted.
We are very sad that Addie won't be out there participating in the kid's race this year, but we will be there to cheer for everyone!
(Don't forget you can pause the music on the blog so that you can hear the video)


Aunt Nonna (Rhonda) said...

I remember how cute Bergen's walker was last year. It's amazing that her & Addie no longer need one. I cried watching this, these children are awesome. Good Luck this weekend Bergen!

jennohara said...

Way to go Bergen!
What a strong little trooper! She's a pro this year!