Friday, February 12, 2010

Only 146 Pictures

We only took 146 snow pictures.
We have to take as many as we can, we never know how long it will be before we see snow again!
Here are a few, with a few more yet to come.

We don't have snow attire, so we have to compile a hodgepodge of items to partake in snow activities.

Man oh man, was Julien thrilled to have snow to play in!

Here is our "pre-nap" pictures.
Pretty sad...we can still see the ground underneath!Addie was so very excited to see all the white stuff falling from the sky!

She didn't care to touch it, didn't want to walk in it and certainly didn't want to stay out in it...
but she loved just watching it...

Addie was so excited and tried her best to say, "ssNO!"

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