Friday, February 19, 2010

Is it wrong

to smile when your child's teacher calls to tell you that your child got a boo-boo?
While Chris and I were right smack in the middle of our relaxing afternoon yesterday, I got a call from Monkey's teacher.
She said that on the way back to the classroom from the multipurpose room, Monkey decided she was going to run to catch up to her.
Monkey's teacher said that Monkey looked back trying to find her other teacher when all of a sudden the wall smacked right into Monkey's left temple.
I couldn't help but smile.
Monkey is fine, a small knot that is awfully red, but she is fine - but did you catch what it was that made me smile?
Monkey was running...
She was running to catch her teacher - do you realize the physical and cognitive aspects of that?
My heart hurt for the little Monkey because of her boo-boo, but I was so happy at the news that she was running (in the hallway, which is against the rules - oops).
To top that off...Monkey never cried.
My sweet, tough little Baby Girl.
See Monkey Run
Run Monkey Run


Katie said...

I am in awe over what great progress she is making! Way to go, Monkey!

jennohara said...

What a tough little cookie!
Keep up the great work!

Amy said...

That is wonderful news. You know, the running. I hate that she got an awful boo-boo, but what a great battle wound.

Anonymous said...

I guess a boo boo never looked so beautiful.