Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had the perfect Valentine's Day!
Chris, Julien and I decided that there was no better way to spend our day than to be at The Mercedes Marathon.
Like I told Julien as we were standing waiting for the first runner to top the hill, "most of these runners are out here because this is what they love to do, but we have to cheer for each and every one of them like they are running for Addie. This race helps to provide services to children who need help, just like our Addie."
For us, it is emotional to watch and we wanted nothing more than to be there.
We made our way down to The Bell Center mile and stayed with our friends as we cheered for all the runners and walkers who came by.
It was a perfectly beautiful morning.
After the race, my boys took me to J. Alexander's for lunch before returning home to sweet Addie.
There is nothing more that could possibly have made the day any better.


Katherine said...

I'm so glad I saw you guys during the race! I was thinking about Addie when I was running. Towards the end, I was feeling really beat up, but God put you in the perfect place to give me that little extra push to keep going. It was a great day!