Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Monkey really enjoyed her Valentine's Party at school!
Jessica started off by playing a color game with cars.
Monkey was supposed to tell what color car she drove to school that day.
Pink was the color, a color Monkey can't say.
It didn't matter one bit to her though.
She had the best time just playing along and was so happy that Chris and I were there with her!
When she first saw us come to the door for the party, she ran over to us and was so happy!
I'm just still so amazed to see her standing independently and I'm so thankful for her!
That's what life is all about...


Anonymous said...

I absolutely (?) love these facial expressions on these pictures. She is adorable!!!!!
Vicky Champion- BCBSAL

Ashley said...

I love these pictures, she is just so cute. I love how you captured her being so happy and her beautiful smile!!!!

Sandy Lovell said...

She is so adorable!!!