Sunday, March 08, 2009

Wow and totally cracking me up!

Addie really never ceases to amaze me!

Chris, Addie and I went out for lunch today. Addie was so good during lunch and (as always) was a little social butterfly. She had to say "hi" to everyone (about a hundred times) and wave at them in between bites of food. After lunch, much to my surprise, as soon as I buckled her in her car seat she got sick. Ugh...I felt pretty proud of myself for "containing" the situation and in the midst of Chris gathering wipes and a plastic bag for me, Addie got sick again. This time, not as contained. I had to strip her down in the parking lot. After we cleaned everything up, I decided that instead of risking ruining the only extra change of clothes in the car (we had more stops to make), I would put her in her car seat with just a diaper on. It was definitely warm enough.

My little creature of routine, was a bit confused on why she was sitting in her car seat almost nude. As we pulled out of the parking lot, Addie called my name and pointed to her leg. I told her that it was O.K., I would put her pants on in just a few minutes. No sooner had I gotten that out of my mouth, she called my name again and this time pointed to her tummy and then immediately to her arm! I reassured her that it was just fine, that we would be stopping soon, but she was not "just fine" with the situation. She was unnerved.

Isn't that awesome?!?! LOVE the level of comprehension! Thank God for this gift today! Oh, yes...this was a gift! Had it not been for lunch disagreeing with Monkey, I never would have gotten to experience that level of interaction with my sweet, baby girl!

I'll take every little bit that I can get, even if it involves regurgitation!