Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Absolutely miserable!

The good news is...it's over.

Addie was such a trooper during the whole process of getting her ready for the sleep study. She sat on the bed by herself while they put the leads on her legs, chest and chin. She was a brave, sweet, baby while they put the belts around her chest and tummy, but when they started putting the leads on her head, she got a little nervous. I crawled up on the bed and held her while we bribed her with puffs. When the tech started wrapping her head, Addie got upset...as she should have. This is scary stuff! The tech wrapped E.R. Baby's head too, to make Addie feel better. I was very proud of her during the whole process.

Addie fell asleep quickly after the techs were done and then nightmare on 7th Avenue began!

Addie spent the entire night tossing and turning. She got wrapped up in the wires, she panicked and pulled at the leads and she cried...pretty much all night long! It was a very tough experience for her and not too much fun for us either.

The study ended at 6:30 a.m. and they didn't waste a moment before pulling all the leads off. The doctor came in a little while later to give us the results. Thankfully, Addie does not have any airway obstructions that would add any extra concern during surgery.
Now...we just have to get the surgery scheduled and move on to a healthier baby girl!


Kim said...

Bless her heart, I know that was a rough night for her. I am glad it is behind her and hopefully soon her surgery will be as well!!

Jenn said...

Poor sweet baby!

Nicole said...

Poor baby! I think I would cry all night too if they told me I had to sleep with all of THAT on my head! At least it's behind you now and you can move forward with the surgery so Sweet Girl can feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Poor baby, that just breaks my heart! I am glad it is over Addie and what a trooper you are. Thanks for E.R. baby being a trooper and roughing it out with you. Love, Carie :-)