Sunday, March 08, 2009


"Home" is being added to the list of one of the most beautiful words that my sweet, miracle baby has learned to say!

As I have said many times before, I talk to Monkey just as I would any other child. I talk to her about everything, still never knowing what she understands and what she doesn't. I always tell her when we are on the way home that we are "going home" or if we are out for a walk and she gets fussy, I ask her if she wants to "go home".

I think Monkey has been able to comprehend the word for a while, but she is now able to say the word..."home". Isn't that beautiful? I think it is just amazing!

Chris, Addie and I went to visit a friend last night and then made a few stops. Addie was being so good and when we got closer to home, I turned and looked at her and told her that we were "almost home" and out of her little mouth, came the perfect sound of "home".

It is quite comical because she says the word in the same way that a guy would call a girl "hot". A long pronunciation of "h", followed by a quick "ot", as in - "Man, she's hhhhot". In Addie's case, "hhhhhome".


Perfectly, beautiful music to my ears!


Aunt Cissy said...

Like we have always said; she is just amazing. I can't wait to hear her say "home" and everything else that she has in store for us. Love to you all.

csmith said...


I am so happy to hear this. Addie truly is a MIRACLE of GOD!!!! Thank you letting God use you to bless us with all these updates!