Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The article

Has been posted on The Birmingham Parent website! Chris is gone now to pick up the hard copies!

If you are having trouble viewing the article, please try clicking here.

I thought the article was fantastic! The only glitch is that our blog address is wrong!

Please read the article at your convenience. I hope it touches your heart, as it did mine.


Anonymous said...

What a great article. I could have read an entire magazine or book devoted to that sweet girl and your family. I pray that more good things come your way. Before you know it, The Henderson's will be on The Today Show educating all Americans!

Apryl said...


Please Please hold a copy for me if you have an extra. I don't know how to get it. The cover pic is just precious and the article had me in tears. Congrats to Sweet Addie Girl.


Katie said...


I just got the hard copy from the store and Addie looks adorable! Such a wonderful article and blessing.

Katie Holland

Ashley said...

Hi Jenn, my name is Ashley.. I found your blog a while back on someones blog and have been reading about your family and your daughters story. I think its so wondeful how yall give God thanks for everything, there are some people that would turn away from him and I am glad to see that yall chose the road yall did. Addie is too cute and your article turned out wonderful, loved her picture on the cover. Yall are such an inspiration!!! I hope God continues to bless yall everyday! I am going to add you to my page so I can see all of addies achievements, if that's alright? Take Care!

Crystal said...

Congrats to you all if anyone deserves to be featured as a star it is Addie, she is so beautiful