Thursday, March 19, 2009

A "Thank you" from the heart

Someone recently told me that I was "on a mission" and so I guess I am.

I am so incredibly thankful for the opportunity for Addie to be featured in Birmingham Parent. It was a stepping stone for my "mission".

I am not out to gain anything or get anything from anyone per se. All I want is respect for my daughter. I want people to understand her diagnosis and not to be afraid of the fact that she is different.

Over the last two weeks we have been inundated with compliments. Strangers everywhere we go stop just to say "hello" and to tell us that they read "the article". Believe it or not, I am an incredibly shy person and I have had to force myself to leave my comfort zone and talk to anyone and everyone who wanted to take a moment out of their day to talk with me. I am honored, each and every time. I truly mean it from the bottom of my heart.

I never again want to be on the playground with Addie and have a parent come over and lead their child away by the hand just because they stooped down to talk to Addie. I don't ever want people to turn away and refuse to make eye contact because of Addie. I am willing to take the baby steps needed to make this happen.

For all of you who have been touched by "the article", I thank God. I know just how blessed that I am and I will continue to tell everyone who will listen just how God continues to work through Addie, how HE allows Addie to touch lives and bring joy to others.

Thank each and every one of you.


Polly & Steve said...

You are such a wonderful,kind, and loving Mother! I can't tell you what you mean to me. I have missed blogging and reading all of my friends and I am trying to get caught up. Hug my Addie for my and Tell Juliann that he is such a wonderful number 1 son!

BobbyTSkizoke said...

Well, let me be the first to say thank you for keeping us informed on how your brats are growing up. I mean your angels Grin