Sunday, March 22, 2009

Let me retract

What I was saying to friends last night at dinner.

We were talking about our children's sleeping habits. She was gratefully telling me how her children sleep through the night and I was telling her how Addie sleeps for an hour...or two at a time.

Last night Addie slept through the night - in her very own bed.

Chris and I on the other hand woke up every hour or two. We would wake up, stare sleepy eyed at the monitor, making sure we heard a sound or saw a movement before drifting back off to sleep. Chris even woke me at one point because he was leaning over my shoulder trying to get a better look at the monitor.

We are in complete amazement. The night that our children sleep all night, we're restless.

We were awake and in full disbelief by 5:30 a.m.

I guess we just can't win!


The Butlers said...

YYEEEAAAA~!!!!!! But not yea to you not getting sleep! We'll be praying for that to be a common occurrence (for her to sleep that is)