Sunday, March 29, 2009

There will be no

raining on my parade!
I have a goal for Addie. I don't want to tell you when the deadline is, but rest assured, it is years from now.
A few times over the last two months, one of Addie's teachers has taken the time to help Addie sit on the potty at school. She (of course) cannot do this without someone being right there helping her. Each time Addie had the opportunity to sit on the big-girl potty, she went tee-tee.

The other night at home, I decided to let her try before her bath. I sat her on the potty and told her to go tee-tee and she did. The very first time I sat her on the new potty (just a few minutes ago), she went.

Notice I am not using any exclamation points at the end of my sentences?

I'm pretty sure that each time, it has merely been the change in temperature that has been the culprit of her success.

Regardless, she has been so proud of herself!

I decided that I would go ahead and buy her a little potty....with absolutely no expectations. Anything that I can do for Addie to help her feel more like everyone else, I'll do it.

So, I now have a green little frog occupying my potty room.

It fits right in with the rest of the decor in the bathroom...wouldn't you agree?


csmith said...

Go Addie!!!!! Jenn, I believe she is just that smart!!!! Yeah Addie Yeah!!!!!!!!! Love, Carie :-)

Jenn said...

Way to go Addie!!!! I would say it was a fluke if she had only done it once or twice, but sounds to me like Miss Priss has it figured out. Do you think you could ask Addie to have a little talk with Owen? He will tell me he has to go potty or that he has gone potty, but nothing has happened on the potty yet.