Wednesday, August 14, 2013


The response I received from Chunk when I told her that we had to walk back to see Julien and talk to the doctor was very much expected.

As we approached the door to the back, she turned around and walked back to the chairs, held up her hand to me, shook her head and said, "".
She proceeded to try her best to camouflage herself in the chair in hopes that I would forget all about her requirement to follow me to see Julien.

When the door to the back opened and she saw Julien, she started screaming his name and waving.
However, when we made it to the back and she saw him laying in the chair and the dentist with her mask and gloves on, she hit complete melt down.

It was lovely.

Doctor appointment number two of the day was even better.

Addie was scheduled to see a new provider today and after waiting for an obnoxiously long time - we left.
My time is just as valuable and if I have no explanation of an emergency situation (or even a decent excuse) delaying the doctor, I cannot sit around and occupy a nervous Monkey.

AND, let me just clarify...there are some doctors that I don't mind waiting for...and would wait two hours to see because they take the time with us that every patient deserves...and - because they are awesome.

alright...I'm done complaining.

I don't even know how many more appointments we have this week and I'm already exhausted at the thought of one more waiting room.