Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Day of School 2013 - Part Two

So far, so good.
This week has been fantastic - just exhausting!

Julien has enjoyed his first three days of high school!  
So far, he loves his new schedule and routine including after school football practice.
He is absolutely staying busy!

Addie seems to be loving school.
She is exhausted when we pick her up, but very much ready to return to school the next morning...
and she is still very much all about her backpack!

I hate that Addie cannot tell me about her day, but I feel for certain that she is loving every minute of it!

(Also, I told my mother how very proud I am of her for not being in the hospital this August!
It has been nice not to have to incorporate that into our schedules - and of course, it's been awfully nice to see mom doing better.)

~ ~ ~

Addie was a little nut when it was picture time.
She was posing and giggling the entire time!

The lack of a smile was a result of me telling her to wait just a second before she put her backpack (back) on.

Julien and I were both shoe-less at this point.
He truly is that much taller than me
please note the proximity of my face to his armpit.
That means that - on more than one occasion - he has stuck his sweaty, dirty, germ ridden, smelly boy pit right in my face -
and thinks it is the funniest thing - EVER.

I wish the same upon all of you mother of teenage boys.
I refuse to suffer alone.

Oh my goodness - we finally made it  out the front door and Monkus was beyond excited!
Seeing all the buses go by the house just added to her already silly mood!

J-Rod and the Little Monkus

Monkus has just this year started walking up the walkway with minimal assistance.
There is quite the incline and although we always hold her hand or keep a hand on her back for stability, she does the rest by herself.

Once we were in the car, Monkus went from silly to nervous...and very quiet.

What an incredible sigh of relief to know that this year has started out on the right path!

August 19, 2013