Thursday, August 08, 2013

Addie and Jaycob

One of the huge negatives to the approaching end of summer, is Jaycob and Addie going their separate ways at school.

Jaycob will move up to the intermediate school, which means Addie will no longer see him at school or after school.
Jaycob has been an amazing big brother to Addie and an awesome little helper to me in the mornings when I drop Addie off at camp.

He always meets us at the door, running to give Addie a great big good morning hug!
He instructs me on where to put Addie's things, where to sign in and he always reminded me to bring money for pizza on Fridays.

Jaycob is a sweet and loving friend who watches out for Addie on field trips,

loves to play with her all day, 

and it appears he may now even be her personal photographer.  

We are going to miss Jaycob like crazy and will most definitely have to arrange play dates...and playground photo shoots.


Holly Cacciatore said...

Jaycob is going to miss Addie too! He talks about her all the time and every time (and I mean EVERY time :) ) we pass Top It Off Yogurt he says Addie and points! He loved meeting her there for a treat!