Tuesday, August 13, 2013

and so it begins...

the countdown to school.
Now that it is almost here, I'm nervous.
Like butterflies in my stomach nervous.

This is the part where I stop letting all the "What ifs"  consume my brain and get back to the business of focusing on the moment.
It is so hard.

I will spend the next three business days taking Julien and Monkus to - almost all - last minute care providers and finishing up all the last minute details.
I have so many last minute things to finish that I'm pretty sure I am going to miss something earth shattering, that no one else will even notice.

I think the last of Monkus's six year molars are coming in.
Either that or she is getting sick
something else is bothering her terribly.

These last two days, she has not been herself at all.
Which, of course, makes me worry even more.

Julien has commented several times about Addie's rather odd behavior - which means he's worried too.

Our day tomorrow starts with a trip to the dentist for Julien.
We shall see how the Monkus reacts.
I typically schedule Julien's visits for times when Addie is at school, so this will be interesting.