Thursday, August 29, 2013

Chunk the re-schedule-er

Chunkus has been quite the little sickly thing this week.

Tuesday she managed to end our day a few hours early by needing a last minute doctor's appointment and our ENT was able to get us in the quickest.

As we waited for our turn, Addie was all about being a people watcher.
I truly feel for the people who think they can go potty without Addie noticing where they are headed.
She must blatantly point them out and ask me - for all the world to hear - "Potty?".

Yes, she is a mess.

Our ENT was nice enough to tell me that her throat looked just fine and her fungus was just viral.

Yet, it is always good to keep in touch with Addie's doctors.
It was also important to retrieve the necessary "Return to School" excuse
 the doctor and nurses admired Addie's baby, which really made her day and was worth my crazy afternoon.

Yesterday, she was fine at school, but today she decided she needed to rearrange my entire schedule.

She was overly quiet when we dropped her off at school and we had just managed to make it to my doctors appointment in Vestavia when I got a call that Addie had gotten sick.

By the time we picked her up and I got her home and settled, she was a little better.
She snuggled with me, baby, Bailey, rabbit and a baggy of crackers all day.

Alley even risk injury to her brittle bones in order to give Addie a "hug, hug".

No fever, no more vomiting...
so, we'll see what Friday brings.