Sunday, August 04, 2013

So Proud of My Little Ballerina!

I forgot about these pictures of my Sweet Addie!

We had arrived at dance prior to Addie's teacher.
Addie sat quietly and patiently waited for her teachers arrival, when Addie saw Ms. Amy walk in, she jumped up and clapped her hands.

She then stood and waited for her turn to walk into the studio.

Addie was such a good listener and did her very best to follow along.

The first class, Addie had no idea what the "Super Ballerina" was all about, but by the end of the camp, 
she had it down pat - and loved it!

Ms. Amy was a very patient teacher.

She loves her tap shoes!
(Addie's friend Campbell loaned the shoes to her - and Addie thinks they are pretty special because they are Campbell's shoes)

Addie absolutely loved every single part of dance except the forward roll.
Addie was extremely anxious while waiting for her turn, yet she still put forth her best effort. 

It is definitely going to take some work and we are going to have to work through Addie's anxiety.

However, she knows that at the end, she stands and faces the mirror and claps!
She was quite relieved for her turn to be over!