Sunday, August 25, 2013

From time to time, I will have a business contact me and ask that I write a review for one of their products.
For various reasons, I have never responded to the requests.

However, I made an exception for

Michelle from emailed me requesting a review of one of their products and instead of just deleting the email, I decided to do a little research.

I looked up on
Upon seeing their good standing membership with the BBB, I then looked at their website.
The website was very "clean" looking and I was interested enough to look through the products they had to offer.

The only issue was that I initially didn't think they had any products that I could use.
I don't own a business and have no need for marketing supplies.

Then it hit me...they do sell products that even I could use! offers stickers, baby shower invitations/banners and yard signs, holiday signs...and birthday signs and banners!

Upon realizing that even an average girl like me could utilize the services offered by, I contacted Michelle for more information.  

Michelle immediately emailed me back with the information needed on how to order one of their products.
I went back to the website, easily found the link for "banners" , then "event banners", and then "birthday banners".  

The navigation through's website is super easy and the layout is very easy on the eyes.
I didn't have to backtrack or sit and try to figure out where I needed to go next and one of the very nice features is the "breadcrumbs" at the top at the page that allowed me to browse through some of the other products without having to go back to the home page.

Upon picking the banner design that I wanted, and clicking "customize", the next view of the website was a fun little treat....
while the banner template was loading, an adorable little animated raccoon kept me entertained.

Unfortunately - for me - the website is so quick, that the little raccoon quickly disappeared and I moved on to the next step of the process.

Each step through the customization process was truly self explanatory, and very user friendly.
I was very impressed.

It took me no time at all to customize the banner and submit my request.
I did not request rush delivery, but from the submission of my order until the order shipped was only three days!
From the time the banner shipped until I received it was two full business days.
Considering it was a custom ordered item, I was impressed at the speed of the shipment.

I received an email confirmation upon receipt of placing my order.
I received an email giving me instructions on how to install vinyl banners (which I probably should have read closer).
I received an email notifying me when the banner shipped
another email notifying me that the banner had been delivered to my front door!
That is what I call phenomenal customer service!

The banner arrived in tact and packaged securely.

When I opened the box, the banner was exactly as requested.
The banner is heavyweight, appears to be extremely durable and the colors are fantastic!

I, of course, proceeded to publicly shame my husband by putting the banner on the front railing for the entire day.
The banner stayed outside in the hot Alabama sun and was still in perfect condition when I brought it inside later that evening. 

Everyone at the party absolutely loved the banner and commented on the quality and color.

Thanks to for helping to make a birthday party that much more special.
From the professionally designed website to the  exceptional customer service, exceeded my expectations!