Tuesday, August 06, 2013

It. Is. August.

Thank you August.

I do realize there are teachers all over the world tonight whose hearts are breaking at the mere thought of summer coming to an end.
I feel for them, I really do.

However, I also feel for my sanity, ingrained routine and checking account.

I am ready for a set school schedule, football season and colder weather.

I never want to wish away time and I don't want a single day to pass too quickly, so I am setting my sights and looking forward to these next few months.

My family is looking forward to the up and coming wedding, and I am enjoying all the little details surrounding all that we have to do to prepare.

We have milestone birthday's approaching, high school approaching and another year of progress right before us.

Julien is ready for school.
I am ready for school.
Addie is ready to tackle each day and has been keeping us absolutely stunned by the progress she is making with her speech and cognitive skills!
Literally every single day this week, we have heard Addie say something new, ask a new question or make a new connection.

We are blessed and thankful for all that we have and all of you who continue to show your love and support each day.
Unless you have walked down our path, you have no idea the daily struggles and how very much a single kind word or simple hug can change the tone of our day.

Thank you - for everything.