Monday, August 19, 2013

First Day of School 2013!

Addie was up and awake by 4:55!
Julien didn't take much to get him up and moving either, although he did manage to sleep until 6:00. 

For all of the teachers and aides who assisted Addie today and thought that maybe I had lost my mind - I can honestly say, that I have
it's all due to exhaustion.

I was so exhausted that I apparently sent Addie to school wearing not only her skirt and leggings, but also her hide-ees.

...and I didn't even notice until she was getting undressed for the shower tonight...

Poor Little Monkey was quadruple layered all day long!

Addie is all smiles tonight, but very sleepy.
Julien is on his way home from football and probably pretty sleepy as well!

I hope everyone else had a wonderful day...
and I sincerely hope all of our children sleep very well tonight since that appeared to be an issue not just in our home last night!

...more to come


Lisa Pitts said...

She is Adorable as usual! Julian is so tall!