Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Camps

We have completed tennis and have started another adventure.

After taking a few years off from dance, we happened upon an opportunity
and this opportunity
has Addie more excited than we have seen her over anything (excluding her babies).

Addie is participating in a summer dance camp and session one left her puzzled as to why we were leaving the studio when she clearly was not done dancing for the evening.
After the session, she mimicked the dance moves all night long until she finally fell asleep.

When we picked her up from school today, she asked, "Where we going?".
When I told her, she responded with, "Dance?".
My original answer was not what she was looking for.

She is absolutely thrilled!
If the rest of the camp goes as well as expected, Addie will have the chance to enroll in the fall session.
We may have finally come back to what suits her the best.

Definitely more to come...